Picnics are rare and special occasions, so each one should be as unique and memorable and as much fun as possible! We’re often asked if the baskets we have in store are for sale. Yes! We have a variety of baskets for sale in the store but also welcome preparing a picnic for you with a basket you might already have. The next common question is “What do people put in their baskets?” Each basket is “custom-made”: it’s your basket and your picnic! It should be special, so it is really up to you!

Our staff is always willing and ready to offer suggestions and help you explore different options we think will help in making your picnic fun, delicious and unforgettable.

We have a fairly large selection of vintage picnic baskets from New England and Pennsylvania that range in price between $20.00 and $50.00, depending on the size, style and condition of the basket. We also stock some vintage picnic style table cloths and new picnic blanket totes.


A daily menu of Lunch Specials is always available with a selection of soups, sandwiches and salads. There is also a Dinner Specials menu which lists all of the day’s prepared entrees, pasta salads, side vegetables and lasagnas.

  • ASSORTED DIPS Made in-house and including Roasted Vegetable (a staff favorite and a big seller), Cucumber Yogurt, Hummus and Artichoke Spinach.  There is also Guacamole and Fresh Tomato Salsa, both made in-house. For dipping, we offer homemade Spiced Pita Chips, and Crostini; we also have Green Mountain Gringo Blue Corn and White Corn Tortilla Chips and delicious Falafel Chips. Marinated Olives are a house blend of kalamata, picholine and nicoise olives with herbs, spices, citrus zest, garlic and olive oil.
  • CHEESE & BREAD All of our cheeses are purchased from local farms, generally located in Lancaster County, made from pastured or organic milk. We also offer a selection of Metropolitan Bakery breads.
  • GRANOLA & YOGURT  Pequea Valley Farm Yogurt from Lancaster County, is made with milk from grass fed Jersey cows, and is available in many flavors. Try it with one of our two varieties of granola or homemade granola bars.
  • NUTS & POPCORN There are bags of Spiced Pecans, Chili-Spiced Nuts, Happy Trails Mix and Happy Trails Mix with Chocolate. The Great American Popcorn Works of Pennsylvania delivers fresh tasting and delicious all natural lightly salted popcorn (no preservatives and no cholesterol).
  • SWEETS  Chocolove bars are made in Boulder, Co. with Belgian chocolate in assorted distinctive flavors. Each wrapper resembles a love letter, complete with a love poem inside! Asher's Chocolates is a local company with over one-hundred years and four generations of candy making expertise! We are happy to feature their delicious pretzels drenched in dark chocolate and an assortment of chocolate coated nuts and fruits.
  • HOME MADE BAKED GOODS  We have cookies: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, the eclectic flavor of the appropriately named Kitchen Cabinet, Lemon Thyme Crisps and Cherry Almond Biscotti. Lemon Poppy Seed Cake and Banana Nut Bread are typically available, as well as delicious Chocolate Fudge Brownies, Espresso Cream Cheese Brownies and Coconut Pecan Bars. In addition to the regular items, there is a rotating array of special appearances which usually include cheesecakes of various outrageous flavors, the infamous Kentucky Butter Cake, fruit crisps, the unbelievable chocolate pot-de-crème and lemon squares.
Our cold beverages are an eclectic mix of drinks that you may not find at a conventional store. Boylan’s has been bottling sodas sweetened with pure cane sugar since 1891! You can taste refreshing perfection in an assortment of flavors: Black Cherry and Diet Black Cherry, Root Beer and Diet Root Beer, Orange, Ginger Ale, Cream, Cola and Diet Cola. Fizzy Lizzy is a small company in New York which manufactures a special beverage made with real fruit juice and carbonated water in several flavors. Honest Tea (absolutely no similarity to Snapple!) is real brewed iced tea (assorted flavors), slightly sweetened with honey or cane sugar. Republic of Tea is similar to Honest Tea, but with a more subtle flavor, unsweetened, and in larger bottles.
This is just a cursory overview of what’s available. There is so much to see and choose. So our best recommendation would be to encourage you to come in, see for yourself, and let us help you build your own great picnic!
Why just eat, when you can Picnic!