Picnic is committed to supporting local sustainable agriculture and purchases from local growers, whenever possible. 

Picnic is a member of Fair Food, part of White Dog Community Enterprises, which coordinates the local chapter of the national Buy Fresh Buy Local Campaign. We support this organization because the relationships it fosters allow us to offer you the best possible product. We take advantage of the freshest and best tasting produce available from farmers who want to share their seasonal bounty. As a great side benefit, buying locally strengthens the local economy, protects the environment and lets us return to our own community.

 We buy regularly from 4 local farm cooperatives and 1 farm directly: Lancaster County Farm Fresh, Green Meadow Farm, Greensgrow Farm, Sunny Harvest and Pequea Valley Farm. As small business owners, we believe in supporting other small businesses by buying from locally owned food vendors. And here at Picnic we also give back! We are a rewards partner for Recycle Bank as well a a member of the Small Sustainable Business Network.

Due to delivery schedules, availability and cost, it is impossible for us to purchase everything locally. But in an effort to help you make more informed decisions about your shopping, we have instituted a “dot system” in the store, to identify products that have been made with local and/or organic products. We also use only local pastured eggs and milk products in our baking.

 We encourage you to find out more about sustainable food purchasing at www.fairfoodphilly.org or www.buylocalpa.org. We also suggest that you take a look at www.buylocalphilly.org to learn more about supporting local independently owned businesses.


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