Home Renovations which will Pay back

Great home renovations need to do two things. The first thing is that they need to please the homeowner and also the prospective buyers. The following are some of the renovation ideas which will do both and also return your money when you decide to sell the home.

Add lights


The first thing that realtors do before prospective buyers arrive is turning on lights. You can make the home brighter, bigger and saleable by upgrading the lighting in the family room and kitchen areas. Such upgrades are extensive if you require an electrician, but it is worth. Replacing underpowered ceiling bulbs with the dimmable LED bulbs of your preferred color temperature will make a huge difference. You can do such bulb changes yourself. Ensure you follow safety directions carefully and if you do not know anything then get an electrician. You can do this also the undercover areas of the kitchen for these amazing results.

Update kitchen countertops

If it has taken some time before you upgrade anything in your kitchen, then take a look at the countertops. If you have already got stone countertop installed, then it is advisable to head over to the home improvement stores in your locality and look for laminate countertops. Laminate designs of countertops have the wonderful random look which quartz and granite offer at affordable prices.

Replace carpet with wood in the living areas

If your carpet has been down for long then replacing the carpet with new ones can enhance the look of your room. You can go a step further by pulling up your carpets and hire a professional to down the oak plant floor. These wood floors can make your home look great. You can go a step further by pulling up your carpets and hire a professional to down the oak plant floor. These wood floors are durable, universally valued and easy to clean.

Add decks or patio

If you do not have a patio at home then, it is wise to add it as it will give you a great resale value as well as enjoyment.

Update the bathroom

kitchenupgradeMost old bathrooms can benefit from lighting tricks as well as replace pedestal sinks with the narrow vanity. You can use depths of 18 inches instead of the 21 inches type for bigger bathrooms. Consider also converting your rarely used bathtubs into fiberglass shower units.

These are some of the remodels that you need to do to your home to make it look great and also increase its resale value.