Tips to Choose a Stove Top Cover or Noodle Board

If you are reading this article, then chances are you are currently looking for the best stove top covers or noodle boards to decorate your home. Don’t you worry about one thing. We can help you understand stove top covers or noodle boards as some people call them and how to choose them. Let’s jump right into it.

Understanding Stove Top Covers and Noodle BoardsNoodle Board

You’re probably wondering why they are called stove top covers or noodle boards. Well, your first train of thought probably landed you on the self-explanatory answer that is to cover stove tops. Yes, the large wooden cut-out is used to decorate your stove top and cover it from unsightly burns from usage. While noodle boards are kind of an archaic term for it because people from quite some time ago used the wooden board to cut noodles. The name obviously comes from way back when noodles were handmade and have to be cut with a knife that needs a big enough working space for the dough to fit on top of it. Generally, they are made out of plywood and the most popular color of choice would be either white or light brown.

Stove Top Covers and Noodle Boards Usage

Their main usage nowadays would be a simple home decoration as they are a lovely piece that catches the eye when you wander around the kitchen or pantry. But they can also be used to work on dough when you want to bake something or to serve as a cutting board like for cutting onions, fruits, vegetables, even meat. It is not uncommon to use them as a countertop and put items on top of it. At this point, it is safe to infer them as an additional decorating space to work on ingredients that can get messy and liable to grime.

How to Choose a Stove Top Cover or Noodle Board for Your Home

Man with Wood

Choosing them is a simple and straightforward process. You got to look at the materials first, the most common would be plywood, but some woodworkers chose maple and acacia wood as their base. Then pick a color that suits your taste and matches your stove or kitchen’s nuance. Lastly, pick the correct size that can fit your stove and make it look good. You can consider additional features like extra handles or customizing your board to add value to it, but this might vary from person to person.

Perhaps, it goes without saying, that having a stove top cover or noodle board can improve your stove and kitchen’s whole aesthetic. The piece of wood is eye-catching and it gives your house a sense of comfort and delight. Stone top covers are safe to use and affordable, making them the perfect addition to your home.…

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Master the Art of Modern Home Design With These Tips

Whether you are putting up your home for sale or you want to freshen up and make your home more comfortable, these tips for home staging will improve your modern interior design and build your spaces appear bright, inviting, and beautiful. Whether you want to bring a modern or classic interior to your home, you need to combine fashion with the enduring sophistication of yesteryear – to transform your home by the times completely. From colors, textures, furniture, and patterns to the principles of modern design by Dana King, you get a modern look for your own home that looks like the country.


Make it Ergonomic and Functional

window lighting designModern design principles offer something for everyone, with clean lines that let the shape of your house shine through the functionality and furnishings of the house. Along with other intelligent ideas for staging at home, it is another to make your space more attractive with ergonomic floor plans and refresher cabinets. For example, a room that will serve as an additional holding space for the guest and storage space adds a social dimension. Modern home decor is something that many people looking for the right modern interior design aspire to, and they can create spaces like this the way they want to live. The overall coverage of a room or area does not depend on the size, shape or shape of its walls, but rather on its arrangement.


Incorporate Your Ideas

decor couch furnitureThe interior design plan of your home should outline the specific requirements for each room and influence how you decorate your home. Even if you tend to lean on the simplest details of contemporary design to make sure you don’t make any decorative mistakes, there are still parts of the house where you can be more creative with the interior design, such as walls and ceilings. You can add color, texture, stylish decoration, and patterns to your windows and doors, and give the interior a unique character. If you decide to replace your simple interior with a modern interior, you need to keep in mind the various things you need to combine to make it work.

Incorporating local design elements can help you make your modern interior design project a little more authentic and ensure you add a touch of tradition, such as adding amazing arches to your favorite rooms.


tables chair accessoriesAccessorize Your Home

Another way to emphasize your new style is to integrate modern accessories into your homes, such as modern lamps, lights, and accessories. If you’re looking for a good interior on a budget, consider upcycling an old vintage console. One of the best modern decoration ideas in terms of technology is to make it look as if you don’t have any technology with you.…

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Best Materials for Composite Deck

When composite coverings first became available in the 1980s, it instantly became a popular option among homeowners. This type is extremely weatherproof and easy to clean, so it will never splinter, rot or warp.


Wooden Deck

kid porch backyard

The life of composite decks is much longer than that of a wooden deck maintained for up to 25 years. The composite material for the covering is based on a combination of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyurethane, as well as polystyrene. This is created by mixing polymethylene to seal the floorboards and tiles to protect them from the mold. This material is much more natural because it contains wood species, grains, and patterns that mimic real ones and a wide variety of colors and textures.


Blended Materials

Some companies use blends of bamboo and plastic, while others use a mixture of organic and recycled materials, and still, others offer fully synthetic products that are completely weather resistant. Some are made by salvaging wood or plastic that would otherwise be dumped in landfills. The manufacturing process has been refined to use materials that significantly reduce heat, which is good news if your deck is exposed to the sun for several hours.


Another option is polymers, which are encapsulated composites for flooring that offer you natural, visual, and beautiful options. Since this product is 95% recycled and processed, reused and cleaned on-site, you can be sure that you will create a high quality and sustainable solution that is perfectly matched to your needs and helps the environment.

It is worth mentioning that some also offer lines with matching railings, railings and fittings. Many homeowners think that composites do a better job of imitating real wood than than the other options available. Many homeowners do not believe that they are as good as composites because the cost of materials is high and because they imitate real wood. PVC coverings are much lighter than composite decks because they carry less weight and can be lifted into place much more easily than their composite decks.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the material you choose, it is important to consider some key factors. If you decide that composite wood flooring is the best option for your needs, you should use innovative solutions. This innovative composite kit offers a wide range of options for homeowners who want to install a new deck.…

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Benefits of Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an exceptional addition to your home. They can make your home look pretty amazing. When these doors are installed in the right places in your home, they can make your home look unique.

Increased Visibility

Sliding doors enable you to have better visibility and monitor what is happening outside your house. For example, if you have young children playing outside, you can monitor their movements through the huge pans of these doors. This is important for the safety of your children and pets while you’re in the house.

Energy Efficient

Sliding doors act as robust insulators; they ensure your home remains warm in winter and cold during summer. They ensure the internal environment in your home remains stable. For example, sliding doors with composite gaskets ensure thermal insulation is at its best. Additionally, they keep your home from dust and rain, thus making sure your family members remain safe and healthy. Besides, they keep your home clean and appealing.


Sliding doors don’t have hinges; this means they don’t swing open but rather they glide on a track. With the sliding doors, you do not need any extra space for the door arc since they will open by sling on other door panels.

Easy Access

Unlike most doors, sliding doors are easy to use. They provide quick access to commonly used areas such as the backyard and the patio. The door becomes of great help when you’re entreating visitors by the pool or at the backyard. Again since sliding doors are bigger than ordinary doors, moving huge objects such as furniture in and out of the house becomes easier. This means you won’t dent or paint off your walls as you as move times from your house.


During the day, sliding doors ensure your house gets sufficient natural light. Since sliding doors have huge panes running from the grounds to the top, you don’t need to put on lights during the day. This promotes energy saving; thus, you’re able to cut down on your energy bills. Additionally, natural light is much appealing and makes your home attractive to visitors.


For irresistible looks and designs, sliding doors stand out. If you want to decorate your interior, then sliding doors are the perfect option. You can use decorative glass on the sliding doors to make your home looking fantastic.…

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Tips for Buying Luxury Furniture on Budget

Most people are tempted to purchase a piece of luxury furniture, but the exorbitant prices keep them away. You do not have to spend a fortune to get a piece of luxury furniture. The truth is that there are cost effective ways to get your hands on exotic furniture you always desire. The following are basic steps that you should take into account before embarking on a journey of buying luxurious furniture on a budget.

Clearance Sales

modern furnitureInstead of spending more than your budget for a piece of designer furniture, it is a good idea to wait for seasonal clearance sales. A lot of furniture companies phase out the old stock because it has lost its value or sheen. They keep adding new products that can easily be sold at greater margins. You should keep yourself updated on clearance sales for all the luxury furniture stores. That will help you get the best deals ever. In fact, some stores can provide heavy discounts that can go as far as 70% of the regular price.

Dented and Scratched Furniture

If you need to buy luxury furniture, but you are on a budget, you should consider your desired furniture that has a slight deformity. The truth is that small dents and scratches can be a no-no for ultra-rich people who are on a budget. Fortunately, these dents and scratches can be hidden using different furniture upholstery and draping.

Also, these chairs will small deformities are available at lower prices. You should not forget to bargain with the vendor whenever buying deformed products. That is because you are doing a favor by buying damaged furniture. You should note that effective bargaining can help you save a lot of money. Therefore, it is worth a try.

Research the Brands

tables and chairsBefore you embark on luxury furniture sales, it is a good idea to carry out extensive research on various brands available on the market. After shortlisting your requirement, do some small research on the average prices of the same furniture from the rival brands. That can help you get the best deal for your hard-earned money and not overspend on the piece of furniture is much cheaper compared to other brands.

Have a Fixed Budget

After deciding to purchase luxury furniture while on budget, it is a good idea to have a fixed budget. When you start going overboard as far as your budget is concerned, it could soon get out of control and end up purchasing things you never wanted in the first case.…

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Why You Need a Cordless Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers can be classified as corded or cordless. Each type of lawn more offers some unique benefits and features. Cordless lawn mowers, for instance, are known to be among the best options for homeowners. In recent years, homeowners have been ditching corded mowers for their cordless counterparts. Cordless lawn mowers are convenient in many ways. Here are other reasons why you should consider investing in a cordless mower.

Easy to Use

Cordless lawn mowers are known to be easy to use, and you do not have to be muscular to operate them. Even a kid can help you trim your lawn. Unlike corded lawn mowers, you do not need to look at whether there is a connection or whether the mower has gas as in the gas of gas-powered units. All you need is to ensure it has enough charge then press the start button to have the job done.


Cordless lawn mowers are known to be convenient in use and store. When it comes to storage, for instance, you can keep anywhere and at any angle without worrying about oil or fuel spills. When it comes to movement or use, cordless lawn mowers are very convenient considering that you can move it anywhere you need; you do not need nearby sockets.

The Operate Quietly

When you hear of a lawnmower, most people associate them with noise, probably due to their previous encounters with noisy lawnmowers. Gas mowers are known to loud, but if you need a unit that will get the job done without getting to your nerves, get a cordless lawn mower. Working with a quite cordless mower allows you to mow your yard at your convenience without distracting others.


It is easy to question the power of a cordless mower when comparing it to other alternatives. You might be surprised to realize that cordless mowers are as powerful as gas mowers. With technological advances, modern cordless mowers are even more powerful than gas ones. This makes them cut grass faster as they are easy to operate. So if you are shopping for a cordless mower be sure to go for the best mower.

cordless lawnmower

From the benefits highlighted above, it is evident that cordless lawn mowers have a lot to offer. If you are shopping for a cordless lawnmower, therefore, you need to go for the best model. A cordless lawn mower buying guide can be an invaluable resource when it comes to looking for a good model. …

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Architectural Designs That You Need to Know Before Buying a House

Buying a new house is a sacred decision. When we have decided to move to a new house, it means that we are ready to be committed to that place and make it into our new home. And our home should be the representation of who we are. And who we are is no one but our taste.

There are many architectural designs, and each has their unique impression. Here, we are learning the basics of house designs, so that you can choose a new house that fits flawlessly with your identity.

Mediterranean style

MediterraneanMediterranean architecture takes its inspiration from houses in Southern Europe. This style is rich with ornamented patterns, stucco walls, loggias and decorated fountains.

In America, you can find many houses with Mediterranean design in Florida and California. It showcases a gentle, classy, genuine, and practical persona. The stucco use and the terra-cotta roofs are not without purpose. Those materials are the best to repel sun heat and keep the cool temperature inside the house.

The Colonial style

Colonial HouseColonial style is the most popular style in the States. Its unique traits are the symmetrical square design with the main door in the middle of the front side.

The style was influenced heavily by European style in the 18th century when people were migrating from Europe to America to begin a new life in the New World. In today context, the style has been popular because it gives the nostalgic idea of identity.

In Canada, Oakville region has been known to have old buildings with a prime condition. The example is the residence in Iroquois Ridge South. They are as old as nearly a century, built in the 1990s.

Colonial style is classy and in its unique way, and is less of a show-off compared to the Mediterranean style. Find out more by browsing townhouses for sale. There, you will find not only vintage-designed houses but also a beautiful neighborhood. Waterlillies, for example, has a residential green space next to a lake pond, and close access to Oak Park. It will be your home as well as your getaway from the busy routines.

Greek Revival style

Greek RevivalThis style shows greatness with its dominant of big pillars and concretes. The symmetrical square look is more intense than the Colonial style because the roofs are placed in a nearly flat structure.

If you live with a big family, Greek Revival style shows a strong bond between your family members. The height of the pillars belittle any negative feelings and emotions that may enter the house. It will certainly boost your family confidence.

If you live on your own, Greek Revival style offers an opportunity for you to look mysterious but with great strength and dominance. You will be the lone wolf with whom your neighbors will think twice to mess.…

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